Biometric Application Authentication

DelaneySecure provide a range of quality Software Development Kits covering fingerprint, face, iris, voice and vein authentication to enable secure and integrated biometric authentication for bespoke applications, where there is access to the code base. 

EPOS Solutions / Cashless Catering

Biometric fingerprint authentication technology has been present the retail industry as a convenient and secure way to manage and handle employee and Point-of-Sale (POS) requirements. For retailers t, biometric authentication provides an easy way to bring the security of biometrics into their operations with out needing to invest in separate technologies.

EPOS Fingerprint Login

Working with over 50 EPOS integration partners across Europe, DelaneySecure provides software development kits for bespoke integration to a full in-house development service to deliver a completed solution, usually in around 5 days. Our range of free and premium SDKs provide full coverage of end user solutions from 100 to 100,000 users.

The conversion to cashless catering has proved to be challenging for some EPOS vendors who were using lower grade algorithmns for the staff logins. DelaneySecure only use the award winning VeriFinger algorithmn from Neurotechnology to enable true scalability and accuracy up to 20,000 users, and up to 1,000,000 users with additional hardware. Supporting over 100+ readers, it provides a scalable path to large and complex cashless catering requirements without any fuss. DelaneySecure's own FP-Lite SDk provides instant portability between 100+ readers including multi-spectral reader, which means that even the most challenging situation can be overcome without user re-enrolment. With developements in days not weeks, we can deliver instant solutions for this EPOS vendors looking to reach the market quickly in a competitive field. Talk to us today about your requirements. 

Membership Management

Biometric Access Control

Membership management can be a time consuming and challenging task when managed manually. Biometric authentication can provide a sample and effective way to manage larges groups of (in)frequent users automatically, especially when integrated with turnstiles or other access control measures. DelaneySecure can develop bespoke membership management solutions which integrate with access control and membership management systems for Youth Centres, Gyms, Exam Centres, Private Member Clubs and many other membership management situations.

Picture: Wigan Youth Centre, Jan 2014 - Membership Management up to 20,000 users using Furonic FS84 Ethernet Fingerprint reader with bespoke access control integration.

One of the key challenges of membership management is the large number of dormant users which will be present in the database over time. DelaneySecure developers have innovative software designs which help to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of matching on large databases, as well as our use of only the highest quality matching algorithms. Talk to the DelaneySecure team today about how we can help you reduce membership management costs while improving security and convenience.

Payment Applications

DelaneySecure have worked with a range of financial services organisations, including FTSE 100 banks, to provide secure authentication in investment banking payments, which are often worth millions of pounds per transaction. Biometric authentication as a simple secure and affordable preventative technology can be used for payment verification, and also for "dual authentication" to enforce the regulatory recommendations for a "4-eyes principal". One of the key benefits of biometric authentication over any other competing authentication technology, is the unique link to the individuals carrying out the transaction which must be present. Biometric enrolment automatically prevents 'duplication' of enrolment and therefore provide the best proactive enforcement of the '4 eyes principal" which cannot be lost, shared or stolen.