Biometric Development Services

Biometric technology is most effective when tightly integrated with your existing applications. DelaneySecure design and develop highly robust biometric systems and infrastructures to support your biometric application. As a systems integrator we use our experience and capabilities in application development, systems integration, secure networking, and related programming to provide secure business ready systems for secure and convenient authentication using fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition and vein authentication.

Our Capability

DelaneySecure are fortunate enough to employ some of the world's leading biometric developers, including developers who worked on the US Visit system, one of the world's most well known biometric solutions. Our developers hold patents pending about some leading biometric innovations, and DelaneySecure have developed our own Fingerprint SDK suite to reduce the time for biometric integration from weeks to hours without compromising quality. 

We enjoy regular and repeat work from our clients, and have a steady pipeline of work from referrals and our suppliers. DelaneySecure has proven itself a very capable development and design team, and aims to offer only the highest quality solutions. 

Our Solutions

DelaneySecure's FP-Lite Superfast Fingerprint SDK enables developers to add secure, fast and accurate biometric authentication to their application with just a few lines of code. We also offer customised version of the the SDK to meet individual requirement. Our SDK enables us to offer solutions in days rather than weeks, so that you can both reduce cost and achieve completion at a much quicker pace. 

DelaneySecure's FP-Lite Sendkey middleware application enables biometric authentication plug-in to any application without any access to code. We can also develop or upgrade existing solutions to improve algorithm performance. This enables biometric integration in minutes without any development being required. Where there is bespoke customisation required, DelaneySecure will ensure a quick and easy adaption of the standard package to your needs, usually in less than a day. 

DelaneySecure's unique Fingerprint 2-D Barcode solution stores the fingerprint data in a 2-D printed form. This unique solution enables us to provide a secure fingerprint verification without the need to store any fingerprint data in a database. This is ideal when 1:1 verification is required of documentation. We have deployed this solution in Methadone Prescription Management, Airport Passenger Transport Management systems and for Exam Certificate verification in African countries. 

We work extensively in developing electronic solutions which have biometric authentication built-in. This can include hand-held devices, web applications and other bespoke requirements. We have extensive experience in the developing Military Grade hardware having worked as sub-contractors with some of the US largest military suppliers.

Engaging With Us

Each project is unique, so the first step is gathering a detailed specification of your requirements, timescales and budget and establishing if DelaneySecure is the best fit for your needs.

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