Biometric Distribution

Since 2003, DelaneySecure has provided UK and Ireland sales, marketing and fulfillment services for many of the world's leading biometric brands. We were the first biometric distributor in the UK and Ireland, and pride ourselves in offering a niche and knowledgeable service in our area of expertise. We offer a range of quality biometric brands access to over 6000+ existing biometric customers and 200+ UK and Ireland Resellers, and have sold over 650,000 biometric units, across UK, Ireland, Europe and Africa.

Sales Services

DelaneySecure's sales team primarily work with system integrators and resellers and provide all the necessary help and support to help them integrate biometric authentication into their solution or service offerings.

DelaneySecure's Biometric Experience Centre located about 30 minutes from London and Heathrow airport provides dedicated demonstration space and training hub where organisations exploring biometric technologies can develop a deeper understanding of biometric technologies. 

Marketing Services

As part of the marketing development fund, DelaneySecure provide extensive web marketing and email marketing services to develop new customers and target clients in the UK and Ireland. We also support our manufacturer brands at UK or Ireland exhibitions to help them develop local opportunities and contacts.

As a premium offering, DelaneySecure can also design, develop and host branded micro-sites to help develop local customer under the manufacturer brand. This enables brands to establish themselves quickly, easily and at low cost in the UK and Ireland market.

Technical Support

DelaneySecure have a 10-year knowledge base in biometric technical support providing 1st and 2nd line support in local time zone. We provide 24/7/365 online knowledgebase of common issues, and online service desk where organisations across Europe can get help and assistance as required. We offer a more extensive internal knowledgebase and training packages for registered partners. 

Installation Engineers

DelaneySecure have a technical installation team which can provide onsite support, and we also train our system integrators and reseller partners to provide direct support to their clients. DelaneySecure have qualified electricians covering South and North of England who can provide electrical setup and support, as well a providing training for engineers. 


DelaneySecure provide software and hardware fulfillment services, holding around one months supply of stock items for next day delivery in the UK and 48 hour delivery across Europe. Furthermore, DelaneySecure trades in GBP, EUR and USD so can provide local credit account services and also local payment options to banks in the country.

Development Services

DelaneySecure is a true Value Added Biometric Distributor, developing our own range of in-house products using hardware and software components from our suppliers to meet local UK and Ireland market needs, as well as offering development services for integrating biometric solutions into existing systems.


If you would like to launch your quality biometric brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, contact DelaneySecure today.