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DelaneyCloud is an innovative plug-n-play biometric timesheet and attendance management solution.

DelaneyCloud solution is particularly suited to centrally managing remote multi-site teams or mobile workers such as construction sites, care homes, hotels, schools & colleges, warehousing and event management; indeed any organisation which has legal duty of care to staff or requirement for staff to be present. 


DelaneyCloud Benefits

  1. Live health & safety reporting from any web browser.
  2. Contactless reliable biometric authentication (100% success to date) providing non-repudiation of employee/contractor presence
  3. Real time timesheets available from any browser on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.
  4. Centralised administration of all devices over network, WiFi and GPRS including remote sites.
  5. Affordable solution with simple upfront cost and low recurring costs for mobile connections and web application
  6. Quick and easy reports, with optional bespoke reports for health & safety and attendance monitoring.
  7. Setup in minutes, with minimal training and technical knowledge.

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DelaneyCloud is built with the 'cloud' in mind. With a zero footprint architecture on local sites, our solution cuts out the cost and complexity of traditional desktop solutions, offering reporting accessibility anywhere, anytime. Our modular approach to design means we can customise the solution to individual needs very quickly. Our 'cloud' accessibility means we can integrate with many systems quickly and easily. 

DelaneyCloud System Architecture



DelaneyCloud Features

Delaney Cloud is the next generation of identity management solution. Our web application portal provides a fast and high quality biometric authentication solution, enables the storage and management of biometric templates for a range of applications, all delivered via a single portal available 24/7/365.

  1. Fast enrollment in 20-30 seconds
  2. Zero infrastructure with no software installation
  3. Fast deployment as hardware is plug and play
  4. Track timesheets by user and cost centre
  5. Centralised administration through the cloud portal
  6. Designed for multi-site reporting

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DelaneyCloud Packages

You can choose from a wide range of packages to meet your business needs.  Our packages require purchase of Delaney iFace hardware unit with WiFi or GPRS option, which comes with 1 year warranty. All charges are per unit per month.  (*additional charges or terms may apply, please ask for details)



  • Unlimited Cloud Users
  • Up to 1GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 5 Devices
  • Email Support
  • Onsite Installation*
  • Onsite Training*
  • GPRS*, WiFi & LAN
  • License: Per Unit
  • Timesheets
  • Live Attendance


  • Unlimited Cloud Users
  • Up to 10GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 20 Devices
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Onsite Installation*
  • Onsite Training*
  • GPRS*, WiFi & LAN
  • License: Per Unit
  • Timesheets
  • Live Attendance
  • Plus Payroll Export
  • Plus Scheduler


  • Unlimited Cloud Users
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Device
  • Phone, Email & Onsite*
  • Onsite Installation*
  • Onsite Training*
  • GPRS*, WiFi & LAN
  • License: Per Unit
  • Timesheets
  • Live Attendance
  • Plus Payroll Export
  • Plus Bespoke Module
  • Plus Scheduler
  • Plus Heath & Safety
  • Plus Mobile App
  • Bespoke Modules


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Dawn at Infuse Construction says "Delaney Cloud saved me over £145 per week across my 3 sites because it showed me that I was losing time at the beginning and end of each shift on a job with tight margins"
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