Biometric Identity Management

DelaneyID Middleware is a bio-metric middleware plug-in which provides a fast and high quality biometric middleware solution. The solution enables the storage and management of fingerprint templates separately to the main application enabling integration where the source code is not available or for web applications where hard-ware integration is not easily possible.  Deployed as a desktop and server application solution which enables the enrolment and matching of users from any Windows machine. Supported by our server side 'de-duplication' service we can provide real-time or scheduled daily reports for any user duplicates identified which greatly reduces the risk of fraud. We can currently provide up to 8 million matches per second in real-time on the server with Delaney advanced algorithms and hardware with minimal loss of quality.

The solution can be readily deployed in minutes with a range of 100+ hardware options supported. A like-for-like replacement of smartcard keyboard wedge solutions is available which enables easy upgrade to fingerprint biometrics. Users can enroll with either a User ID or a card number for maxi-mum integration capability. Operating as a background application, the FP-Lite SendKey Middleware enables web developers to offer client side biometric integration to existing applica-tions without significant coding changes. Bespoke start and end characters can be configured client side to minimize coding changes. 

Additionally, the solution offers an auto-update feature to deploy the latest release, remote user deletion or disabling which is useful for remote clients where there is limited support. Furthermore, restricted admin-only access is enforced once an administrator is enrolled, enabling secure deployment on shared workstations. Physical access control integration is available for doors and turnstiles for secure membership management.


Reducing fraud risk in exam centres

Biometrics for Exam Centre FraudIn July 2014, UK Minister for Immigration and Security James Brokenshire, announced “A joint investigation by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) has identified ‘more than 29,000 invalid results and more than 19,000 questionable results’ among international students completing English language proficiency exams conducted at Educational Testing Services (ETS) test centres in the UK.” In 2015, DelaneyBiometrics was commissioned to provide a biometric identification and de-duplication service to the UK Home Office standards for one of the UK's leading exam service centers. 

DelaneyID provided a desktop enrolment solution, with local resilience, together with a server side solution which stores the records in real time. Our biometric de-duplication service runs each evening to identify any duplicate records and provide a report for the UK Home Office, based on a quality score setting for one of the UK's leading Exam Centres.


Protecting revenue loss in gyms & youth centers

Gym Biometric Access ControlDelaneyID and DelaneyGatekeeper and used together to provide and integrated gym membership management solution. We work in partnership with two leading gym management software companies, providing identification solutions for over 50,000+ gym members each day. Providing either a standard integration or a fully bespoke integration, we can customise the software solution to meet the needs of any gym software vendor. 

DelaneyGatekeeper can directly integrating with standard turnstile or magnetic lock, and we provide our stainless steel DS84 hardware units for a cost effective and integrated look. The Delaney solution provides fast and accurate identification reducing the staffing requirements at reception for lost or forgotten cards. Taking just 20-30 seconds for enrolment, and currently providing 99.9% accuracy. 

Our largest deployment is for a multi-site Youth Centre in the North West of the UK, storing and matching the details of 14,500 users. Integrated with their bespoke youth center management solution, it provides cashless entry to the youth club and has been successfully operating for over 2 years with only one support call received. 

We are happy to develop and integrate bespoke modules for any software vendors, either white label, co-branded or branded. 


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