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Case Studies

With over 4000 clients and 10 years of experience, we could not possibly mention all the projects we have worked on over the years which range from international organsiations, FTSE 100 banks, niche financial services providers, retail and factories to mention just a few. here are a few of the recent case studies that we have deployed.

Friday, 20 June 2014
Care Software launches new nursery management solution with biometric access control

CareSoftware has relaunched the nursery management application with biometric door access control managed by the Care Software touchscreen application. In the pilot nursery, there were a number of touchscreens scattered around the nursery. Thanks to the Biometric Access Control SDK with fingerprint access control units from DelaneySecure, staff can control the doors from any of the screens. Onsite the nursery is using POE Cameras which feed into a small web browser window on the touchscreen, next to the app, so they they can see who's there before they let them in.

Friday, 1 June 2012
Vodafone palm scanners secure your smartphone for festival season

Palm scanners have been added to secure the 2,000 mobile phones charging simultaneously on-board the big red Vodafone truck. Scanning palms with infrared light to create a biometric template (or ‘vein map’) should ensure nobody’s spanking new smartphone is swiped from the charging station.