CMITech EF-45

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  • Innovative face display—like a smart phone “Selfie”—for easiest user positioning
  • Auto-tilt and extended capture range provide ultimate positioning flexibility
  • Optimized for Access Control with card reader and PIN options
  • Integrated face imaging with optional face recognition


Innovative Face Display Positioning

The innovative face display for proper positioning is simple and natural. The subject merely positioning his or her eyes within the centering box, and then moves toward the EF-45 until the box and indicator bar turns green, at a range of 35 to 45 cm (in normal mode). If the subject moves too close, the indicators will turn red. 

Capture is automatic, with typical capture times of about 1 second from the time of being within range.


Expansive Depth Of Capture

The EF-45 also features a capture range of 35 to 45 cm in enrollment and normal modes, providing addition positioning flexibility that contributes to ease of use and simplicity of the user experience. 

The system can also be set up in for the optional extended capture range in Fast Recognition mode to 30 to 45 cm.

Internal Auto-Tilt

The EF-45 automatically tilts the internal—and protected—iris and face cameras to cover a 40 cm subject height range.


Touch Screen Interface In Embedded Design

The EF-45 utilizes a nominal 5.0 inch touch screen display for system setup and configuration, and user input and output screens.

It runs on a highly modern Linux-on-ARM SOC internal mainboard so that all processing is embedded. Networking options include standard Ethernet and WiFi.

While applicable to all stationary iris recognition applications, the EF-45’s setup and system interface software is optimized for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance applications.


Integrated Face Imaging With Optional Face Recognition

The EF-45 captures high quality face images for routine association with the subject’s enrollment and transactional records.
Optionally, the EF-45 can be configured for face recognition in Combined Face and Iris mode.



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