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DelaneyBiometrics has provided quality identity management solutions to over 4,000 leading organisations in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Africa since 2003. Identified by the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator programme as a high growth company, we have developed some of the fastest and most accurate biometric plugins available to software developers with super-fast deployment options in less than 15 minutes.

When you need an identity management partner you can trust, DelaneyBiometrics brings 12 years track record of success as the leading biometric authentication solutions provider on the market today. 

If you need an identity management partner you can depend on, get it touch today.

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Addressing the challenge of fast and secure identity management.

Biometrics is based on 'fuzzy matching' and therefore requires additional skills and advanced techniques to accomplish scalable and robust biometric solutions, while managing cost and complexity of solution design. Quality in hardware, algorithms and user interface design becomes an incredibility important part of developing scalable biometric solutions, and our experience in developing complex solutions up to 40 million users gives us unique foresight into the unique challenges of small and large projects. 

DelaneyBiometrics combines the power of three key cornerstones to fast and accurate biometrics: quality hardware, award winning biometric algorithms and better user interface design. Our team brings over 17 years of biometric development experience, where our team have designed, built and delivered scalable quality systems for up to 40 million users for national governments and NGOs, as well as many commercial organisations.

Delaney is the UK and Ireland's leading biometric distributor providing sales, marketing, technical support and development services for the world's leading biometric and security brands in partnership with over 300 EMEA integrators and resellers. Today, Delaney is an innovative developer of quality biometric solutions, providing bespoke solutions to some of the most challenging biometric problems.

If you need an identity management partner you can depend on, get it touch today.

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